Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Almost almost done

Monday was to be the last day of the project. But it wasn't. As it turned out, one of the portions of the shower door apparently didn't fit so now they are remaking it for the third time.

The mirror did get installed and looks really nice. It makes the room look quite a bit larger.

The countertop glass was also installed but has some issues in itself. It is not deep enough and has stains on the backside. Not sure what will happen with that yet.

The marble shelves did get installed and look very nice. They will be great to put decorative items on. They just need a bit of caulk and paint and should then be done.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Almost done

It's been a while since I wrote anything, but that's because there hasn't been much happening. A few things did happen in the last couple of weeks though:
The handles arrived and were installed.
Additionally, I was finally able to build the centre portion of the vanity after a couple of trips to Ikea to get all the needed parts. It is a deep drawer that runs under the sink trap and the face of the drawer is the full size of what would normally be a door. I saw this configuration at Ikea actually, and it's great because you can pull everything out without having to rummage around under the sink. The major issue here was whether the P-trap would be too tall to allow the drawer to glide underneath.
I'm now trying to come up with a similar solution for the kitchen sink where the P-trap is taller because of the dishwasher inlet. Incidentally, while I was working something out for this in the kitchen, the P-trap started leaking and so I have to replace that anyway.
The toilet paper holder arrived and was installed.
After a bout of complete radio silence, the marble fabricator finally got back to the contractor who had been pestering him for a while to get the remaining pieces of marble in order to build these step shelves. The bottom one was polished on the wrong side so went back for more work before being installed.
We also had to choose a type of threshold for the door since the wood floor from the landing was meeting the tile of the bathroom which is slightly higher. We were able to get a good colour match of the oak floor. Yet another thing that I didn't think of having to choose.

In other news, the plumber finished his work, completing the few punch list items and adjusting the toilet flush and shower mixer temperature, pressure and temperature control turning ability.

Meanwhile, I have been working on the expanded wardrobe in the bedroom. I've laid carpet and installed closet rods and am getting ready to install some trim that I got for free. The whole room is definitely not a top notch installation to begin with, what with visible drywall seams, gaps here and there and so on, so it's a pretty low risk operation for me :)

The whole project was actually supposed to be finished last Friday, were it not for the marble shelf and the fact that the glass shower door installer had received glass of the wrong size from their supplier. So now, they are scheduled to install it next Monday. Hopefully that will indeed be the last day.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Final plumbing fixtures

Over the last week, the remaining plumbing fixtures were installed:
Wall mounted toilet with a recessed tank
Sink drain, with enough room below for a drawer below
Shower mixer and shower head
Sink faucet
I realised that the plugs for the sink and tub are opened and closed by pressing on them, so one less thing to be exposed on the deck or elsewhere in the sink/tub which is nice.

As a result of all this, the sink, toilet, bath and shower can technically be used with hot and cold water, though the bathroom is still dirty/dusty, needing a cleanup and there's stuff all over the place. We will wait to use it until the project is over and completely cleaned up. There are also a number of punch list items that need to be done both from the plumber and the contractor to make it completely functional.
The shower glass was also measured, along with the mirror and countertop glass surface.

At this point, there's not much happening. We are on the verge of finalising trim pieces with the following pretty much decided:
Hand towel hooks
Some kind of movable towel rack like this one (we're debating whether the height and width can really hold two towels or not)
Toilet paper holder