Friday, March 7, 2014



The Blue Rainbow marble slab was installed today. There was enough from the giant ~120"x~80" slab to cover the tub deck and the vanity top but unfortunately not enough to cover the little nook area under the roof. Even so, it looks really great.
The work was done by a fabricator who came along with two helpers. They had precut the pieces in their workshop and brought the cut pieces onsite. He had taken measurements beforehand and had made wooden templates to cut with and it matches the tub and sink openings very nicely. Incidentally, the sink got installed as part of this too.
On the tub, the slab had to be cut so that there are four pieces. This is because marble is particularly fragile and a single piece would crack. By cutting into pieces it helps avoid cracking elsewhere. However, the pattern in the marble matches very nicely across the seams even though they are not adjacent pieces. The seams are quite small and blend in quite well with the marble.

Here are some pictures of the installation:

There is a wonderful striation right by the sink.

The window sill made of the same material is also visible here.
There are two seams towards the left (and two more on the right outside of the picture), but they are very difficult to see.

The slab only overhangs the tub by about 1/8" which makes it look flush.

There are a number of places that really sparkle under the light.