Friday, March 21, 2014

The Door

There is now a door to the bathroom, like a real room.
A number of other things also got completed or are in the process of it: the thermostat got installed, an MDF countertop got installed above the storage drawers, the skylight got some trim, and the cover panels for the fan and the electrical outlets are on.

Here's the door installed. It has to open outwards because the slanted roof inside the bathroom would prevent it from opening inwards.

For some reason that I cannot fathom, the contractor installed the door handle sideways so that the oval handle is horizontal instead of vertical. All the other doors in the house have the same handle but in a vertical orientation.
Having it be horizontal also feels very strange to the hand. So he will be rotating it.
The other developments:
The floor heat thermostat. Of course, I changed it to Celsius immediately after taking this picture.
It kind of amazes me that in this day and age, the most advanced floor heat thermostat looks like something that was cutting-edge in the 1990s. Hopefully Nest will soon come out with something in this space too.
Electrical outlets
The storage nook countertop. It is painted the same colour as the walls. We will be getting 1/4" glass to go on top of it. Eventually we hope to get some more of the marble slab if someone buys a slab but has some left over that we can get.
The bath fan. Very unobtrusive and quiet. The fan motor itself is further back in the roof and behind this cover panel is just the end of a long flexible duct.
The remaining big items include the remaining plumbing fixture installation and the installation of the shower door. Other than that, it should be small items and punch list stuff.