Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Just about all of the tiles have been installed, the biggest portion of them being those around the tub. We used four different tiles: for the floor, the tub apron, the tub surround and then a smaller one that came in mats for accent stripes and backsplash.
Choosing how the tiles are laid out came up often, especially given the sloped walls.
Ultimately, all of the tiles really came out nicely with the marble slab.

We also thought about tiling the small countertop above the storage drawers (which have been installed) because there was not enough marble but there just isn't enough, so we decided to use MDF painted the same colour as the walls with a glass surface to protect it.

Meanwhile, we also looked for a glass shower door and are having the space measured on Wednesday. We also are shopping for a mirror over the vanity, though this is likely to be a quite simple mirror, perhaps frameless.

Vanity backsplash

Before grout

After grout

Cabinets and drawers installed. The picture and the protective foil make these look much darker than they are.
The plywood countertop will be replaced with MDF until/if we find a piece of the Blue Rainbow slab to replace it.
The stepped shelves will have the remaining marble installed on them.