Thursday, March 6, 2014

A new (new) window!

Today is an exciting day and a milestone -- the marble slab is going to get installed. In the meanwhile, there have been a lot of other developments:

  • First off, the strange not-much-opening window has been replaced with a double hung one and it looks quite nice. It doesn't have the same tall effect as the casement but it has a nice character. It also makes the house look bigger in a way from the outside, for better or worse.
    Before and after:

  • The tub apron also got tiled (partially) with the glass tiles. They have to leave a hatch for the plumber to squeeze through to hook up the deck mounted tub filler and handheld shower before they can completely seal it up.
  • The bathroom door has also been trimmed and the door itself has been painted and drying in the basement.
  • Trim for the corridor cupboards is close to complete. The doors for these cabinets have been another story. The first doors we got from Ikea had an offset centre hinge which made it questionable as to how you would get the middle hinge to be even on both sides without a left and right variant. Two people at Ikea assured me that was a defect, then that the shorter size of doors were discontinued. I instead opted for a taller door since I had to cut it to size in any case and with the tall option, I wouldn't have to drill a hinge hole too. But the tall door I got didn't match the one in the warehouse. Back to Ikea with a bunch of other returns in tow...