Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tiles and paint

Things are moving along. The vanity cupboard frames are in place, the walls are completely painted and the floor tiles have been set.
Also, today I picked up a replacement window that is double hung instead of the not-opening-much casement window that has been there. That will get installed tomorrow.
In other news, the fabricator who is installing the marble slab came by but unfortunately doesn't think he can do everything with one slab. That may mean we need to get a second (expensive) slab with probably a lot left over. I'm waiting to talk to him directly to hear more...

The paint colour: Miller 0607 Brush Blue

Here are some pictures of the development. The red paint by the rub is a liquid that sets to rubber and is impermeable.
The grey floor is cement that encompasses the wire for the floor heat.
Note also the vanity on the left shrouded under a protective dark grey sheet.

Here is the floor tile pattern:

Unfortunately it didn't get laid that way. Not sure if there is anything to be done about that :(

Another thing I didn't realise we were going to have to choose was grout colour. We chose colours to match the tiles, in shades of white and grey.