Friday, February 7, 2014

It's electric

Today concluded getting the room mostly electrified. All the outlets and switch boxes and thermostat box have been placed and wires go to them. What is really cool is that there is now a (temporary) light switch right at the entrance that turns on three temporary lights in the ceiling along with the vent fan. The vent fan will be on its own switch later. I don't like listening to fans or vacuum cleaners so I tend never to turn on a bathroom fan. But this one sounds relatively quiet.

All of the boxes are live so no touching the wires...!
The tub is now set on foam and is full of water to weigh down the foam so the tub doesn't rise out of the deck.

Here are the lights that have been installed temporarily. The one at the far end is over the shower so it is going to have to be waterproof, or at least suitable for damp installations. In order to put lights in the apex of the roof, we had to flatten the ceiling to create a little area for the lights to sit on. We're currently looking for lights. The apex is about 11' off the floor so the pendants will have to be at least 3-4' long.

In other news, the wooden beam that was acting as a collar tie is gone and replaced by a custom 3/4" hot rolled steel rod. You can see it in the picture above as the black horizontal bar near the bottom. The good part is that we can do pull ups on it too! Collar ties are necessary to hold a roof in the intended orientation so that it doesn't sag. It seems that nowadays they are not necessary if there are rafter ties/ceiling joists that go parallel to the rafters (which we don't have) and the rafters themselves are more substantial than 2x4s (which is what we have).
Apparently, it's also used in wrestling: