Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Insulation and storage space

Yesterday, the insulation has begun to be put in place. The room used to have R-11 behind the drywall but this is being upgraded to R-13, which is the thickest it can be without creating thicker walls. It looks like a bit like a down jacket now and some work still remains to finish insulating.

The tub also has insulation around it, both to keep the water warm and to make it more quiet when filling.

Soon, the drywall will be put up and the room will begin to take final shape. Before that, I have begun to explore how to make use of the space that is now behind the vanity area. It's sloping down low but it makes a good storage space and it would be a shame to lose. It happens to be next to the wardrobe in the bedroom so I'd like to expand the wardrobe into it. There are some studs holding up a header (in pink below), so I'm not sure what's possible, but here's a plan of the current view, followed by what will hopefully take its place. Some of the storage space would still remain which would also give future access to the plumbing directly.