Friday, February 21, 2014


One of the things we have recently had to do is decide where to put light fixtures and choose which light fixtures to use. The sloped walls lent themselves to having a light from the peak of the roof. There was also the question of whether there should be light in the shower.
We ultimately decided on the following:

  • Two pendants hanging from the peak of the roof. Since the walls met at an angle, this required a flat surface to mount the fixture canopies on. As a result, we flattened the ceiling in order to provide space for it. I was a bit worried that it would lose the tall effect but it really hasn't.
    This has actually been the hardest thing to select and for now we are going with the Possini Encircled Crystal Globe 12" Wide Halogen Multi Light Pendant.

  • A light above the shower. It may not be necessary after all to have a light here, but it will be nice to have a bright shower instead of having something too dim. The fixture and trim here needs to be rated for a wet location. With not much choice in this matter, we chose the Halo Recessed 170PS 6-Inch Trim Showerlight Albalite Lens with Reflector. Just today, I discovered some much more interesting looking flush mount fixtures like this one, so now I'm having second thoughts on this. The challenge is that there is already a recessed can installed above the now complete drywall...

The two pairs of lights at the vanity are on their own switch near the vanity.
  • Finally, a light above the little triangular storage space nook. This is the same as what we have in the kitchen, but we're just using one of them to provide a little illumination. This too is on its own switch. IKEA Grundtal Spotlight.

In the expanded wardrobe, we also need to choose some lights. One will be a sconce and the other will be a flush mount on the ceiling, perhaps matching. In wardrobes, they need to be CFL or LED bulbs to avoid heating the clothes too much and creating a fire risk.