Thursday, February 13, 2014

A bigger wardrobe

The shape of the bathroom is starting to become closer to real. Drywall has begun and you can start to see the inner frame of the room.

But the exciting news is that the wardrobe in the bedroom is expanding into the storage space (see more at the bottom of the last post). Today the work to break down the walls (including studs) began and it will be a pretty big wardrobe (with a low sloping ceiling). But this will allow for a much more efficient use of space. This space won't be finished by the contractor, that's a project for us to do, which I'm looking forward to. That will include painting, carpeting, millwork, closet rods and shelving.
The existing wardrobe on the left, with the door to the bedroom and the expansion into the storage space. There will be a wall constructed on this side with an access panel to the plumbing.
The view from the existing wardrobe area into the expanded area.