Saturday, January 4, 2014

Finding people and places

This summer I changed jobs and made sure to have some time off. I took six weeks off between jobs. In retrospect, I wish I had taken 12 weeks or 6 months off. I could have definitely used the time and not gotten bored!

During that time, amongst other things, I started the process of finding someone or somewhere to help with this project. I didn't even know what kind of people I needed or where to start.
I did some searching on the web and found a shop here in Seattle that sells bathroom fixtures (Keller), thinking that would be a good place to start. I found a few other places too but Keller seemed to have the biggest selection in brands.
I gave them a call to ask them for some advice and spoke to a lady there. One of her first questions was if I was already working with a plumber. I said no, and she recommended one. So that seemed like a good start. I also arranged an appointment at Keller to go over the project.
The reason that I didn't start at a hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot was because I had far too many questions to get answered about the project in general, as opposed to looking for a particular item.

I gave the plumber a call and he agreed to come by to take a look a few days later.

I knew that I needed a plumber but had no idea how to find one, so the fact that he came recommended was important to me. Otherwise, I might as well have opened the phone book and pointed at a random one. I'm not a believer in Angie's List at all. I find it insulting that you have to pay to access content that's not even written by the company. Yelp has a much better model of collecting and presenting user content.