Saturday, January 18, 2014


Yesterday, the new floor support was added. The floor joists are mounted to the same structure around the sides of the room as the ceiling joists but don't touch the ceiling joists at all. So there should be no load on the ceiling below.

Somehow though, we came home to a piece of the plaster in the dining room below missing... It will be repaired during the sheetrock phase later on.

Today, we went to look for a replacement window and the one we found that seems most suitable given the limited selection of window styles is a double hung vinyl Milgard one. That should be durable in the wet area too.

Here are some pictures from the daytime. It's nice to see so much light coming in even with no lights on.
The tripled joist near the window is designed to support the weight of the tub and we hope that the face of it can be the front of the tub apron. That would put the bottom tub at the same height as the floor which means no step would be required.