Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who needs a floor anyway?

The floor in the bathroom has been removed so all that is left is the joists. The contractor will be adding more support for the bathroom floor so that it sits independently of the dining room ceiling. The loft in the bathroom was also removed except for the support beam which is holding the peak of the roof together. It will eventually be replaced by a metal beam. Some basement framing also was completed to provide better support for the weight of the bathroom itself since it won't be resting on the foundation but rather on a joist.

I had to hop in there both to take the pictures and also to mark where the skylight will go. The bottom will be approximately just above head height a few rafter bays in from the window.

Some pictures from today, including a sign of the times -- a rent receipt from 1978 that was lying under the floor. $93 for rent, not bad.