Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Nothing happened today. Neither the contractor nor his helper came today which was a bit of a surprise to me. I had assumed that they would be here everyday (except for a period starting next week when the plumber will be doing the rough-in).
It highlights a key point which is to establish the style of working up front, something I admittedly haven't done. I much prefer overcommunicating in every field, so I've tried to convey that to him in the hopes that he will be more proactive from now on about letting me know stuff. Another surprise from a few days ago was to come home to the damaged dining room ceiling, with no explanation by email/SMS or a note. However, when I asked him about it, he readily explained that this happened during framing and that he would fix it during the sheetrock phase.
Hopefully, in the future communication will be clearer, but it's certainly possible that it's just not his style which implies that I have to work around it somehow. At the end of the day, he and his crew will be here for eight weeks so it's in our best interest to cultivate a working relationship that is conducive to our end goal of having a great bathroom with high quality workmanship. While it may be satisfying in the short term to vent my frustration to him, it probably won't ensure better work :)

The dining room ceiling. Apparently, the hole wasn't very big but in order to repair plaster you have to remove the surrounding plaster first.

In place of a picture of the bathroom, here is one of the sunset looking out the kitchen window.